Thursday, June 13, 2019

Building Suspense: The Ying and the Yang

Ah, the beautiful mystery of love. The qualities that first attract us are the very ones that later drive us crazy. Why doesn’t he listen? Why does she talk so much?
Because we are different – as varied as breakfast and dinner, separate planets. And aren’t those differences delicious? Think of your favorite romance – his muscle-bound arms sweep up her delicate frame and our hearts go pitter-patter as we swoon. 

If you like a little suspense with your romance, picture a young couple racing through the jungle with a maniacal killer on their trail. Faking an injury, she stumbles and falls, luring the villain in with her weakness while the hero disables him with superior strength.

Even a strong, law-enforcement type heroine needs the balance -- the difference -- that a hero brings to the plot. For example, in the ABC dramedy Castle, Rick, the male lead, is hardly your typical hero, but his vivid imagination provides the perfect foil to Kate Beckett's no nonsense logic. She keeps them safe and together they solve crimes.

 You may think your life is mundane, but it’s actually full of suspense. Decisions are made on a daily basis and almost none of them are easy. It certainly helps to have someone to share the responsibility and consequences.
Lunch with the girls is fine, but for the unknown future, the ups, downs, twists and turns of life, we want, no we need, the ying to our yang – our opposite, our complement, our everyday hero.