Sunday, January 8, 2017

Missing the Ocean for the Signs

Mama was a little agitated the other day so we went for a drive. She doesn’t get out much these days, choosing to stay in bed most of the time, so while her energy was up, I thought a trip to the beach would be nice.

Even though it was cloudy with spots of rain, the weather was warm enough to crack the windows and enjoy the breeze. It was a little crowded with families still on Christmas break, but I finally found a parking place with a view of the waves rolling onto shore.

“Mama, look at the colors of the water. There’s gray and then the sun’s shining through the clouds right there where it’s green. Then it’s gray again.” This should have interested my mother, the artist.

“Only four-wheel drive vehicles beyond this point.” She proudly read off the sign beside us.

“We’re not going any farther. Look, there’s the ocean. See the waves?”

She continued reading the signs, like this one: 

Do we do this? God reveals to us the beauty He’s created and we turn away to read man-made signs. Don’t get me wrong—signs are good. They warn us of danger and show us the way to our destination, but if signs are all we seek, then we’ve missed the point.

Mama persisted in reading to me and I really don’t think she even realized where we were. Eventually it started raining and we moseyed on home.

We don’t have her excuse, we can refocus our lives and our attention. Let’s not get so caught up in the signs that we miss the ocean.